I am someone who defines himself by his want to solve world problems. Physics, science, technology, freedom, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, space exploration. This is just a subset of areas which I feel are priority area for humanity to make progress in.

My formal education currently ends at a bachelors in physics. However, I am more of an autodidact and have learned more outside the classroom than inside. That said, training in physics has given a firm grounding in the scientific method. I have come to believe that the scientific method should be applied to all areas of human life. This has inspired me to become a fan of the rationality movement as espoused by the online community LessWrong.

I am also hopeful that humans (and I) will achieve immortality soon - of course, other sentient beings in the universe might already have acquired these abilities. This lies strongly in the domain of biology. However, nothing is stopping me from creating the right tools for biologists. Quantum computers is one technology which once developed will probably revolutionize biology by allowing efficient quantum simulations. Quantum computers are my academic research interest.

More recently, I have become obsessed with the idea of going off-the-grid so as to speak. The cypherpunk movements from the 90s envisioned a world which would be governed not by the laws of men but by those of mathematics and economics. Bitcoin is one recent phenomena which has the potential to replace an existing structure controlled by power structures (government banks) with one where power is distributed. I believe that in the face of technology, governments have in some areas increasingly less role. Energy is one such area. I am strong proponent of decentralized renewable energy generation that can take you off the grid. This is another area in which I have worked.

Similarly, I am concerned about the recent rise of both surveillance and censorship of citizens by governments. We need to invest in both technology and political activism to ward off this evil.

This blog is about all of the above topics and more. I like to think that I am curious about every topic in the world and I would like to justify it through the contents of this blog.