Setting Up a Tor Cloud

Fri 19 April 2013

The Tor project sent a call to arms for obfuscated bridges. Right now there are only about 40 obfs3 bridges - far too few for all the needy in countries like China, Iran and Syria.

Turns out setting up a bridge is fairly easy. The Tor project develops the Tor Cloud which can be easily deployed on Amazon's AWS infrastructure. Easy to follow instructions to set things up are given on the Tor Cloud page.

To complete the process I needed to provide a valid credit card and a phone number for verification purposes. I could set things up so that for one year I will not be charged by Amazon. The whole process was a breeze, took me ten minutes of entering a few details to get an instance up and running.

If you have a credit card and a phone number and the will to help the cause of internet freedom, I suggest you set up a bridge.

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